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Don’t Waste Our Time…Run Effective Meetings

Are you wasting my time, your time, our time holding meetings that have a general theme but no real objective?

I was recently reading Hunting Eichmann: How a Band of Survivors and a Young Spy Agency Chased Down the World’s Most Notorious Nazi in which an agent had just came back from a two month outing. As he arrived home at the airport, tired and ready to rest, he went outside only to find one of his commanders men outside waiting for him.

Shalom nodded and folded himself into the man’s car. After nine years of working for Harel, he knew that his chief would not waste time on a frivolous meeting.

How powerful is that statement? How often do you seen a meeting scheduled on your calendar and think that it’s really important?

You would think that leaders would have a good understanding of when to hold a meeting, who should be in the room and what the objectives are coming out. However, I see pointless meetings time after time which end up eating up hundreds of work hours per year.

Here are some resources to start having more effective meetings which drive results:

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“How to” Book of Meetings: Conducting Effective Meetings Learn How to Write Minutes for Meetings Using Samples: Meeting Agenda, Meeting Minutes, Chairing a Meeting

Run Effective Meetings